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Whistleblower System

Reporting of Concerns (Whistleblower Protection Act - HinSchG)

1. Guideline
The whistleblower system establishes trust and security for every employee to report grievances, ensuring the sustainable success of Weingarten GmbH & Co. KG and preventing harm.

2. Scope
a) This guideline outlines the procedure for reporting confirmed or suspected grievances or misconduct.
b) It applies to all employees who have an interest in the well-being of the company.

3. Knowledge or Reasonable Suspicion of a Grievance
a) Any employee with knowledge or reasonable suspicion of significant misconduct or grievances has the option to submit a report. This includes violations of the law or unethical behavior contrary to our Weingarten Code of Conduct.
b) We encourage every employee to report such matters through the established reporting channels, which include:
Confidential Contact Person
Human Resources Department
Works Council
c) Reports can be submitted in person, by phone, or via email:
Email address: [email protected].
This email address is specifically for reporting under the Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG).

4. Intentional False Reports
Intentional false reports are considered a violation of the Weingarten Code of Conduct and will be treated accordingly. They may lead to disciplinary measures and/or legal action.

5. Assignment of Responsibilities
a) Upon receiving a report of alleged misconduct or fraudulent behavior, the matter undergoes an initial examination based on the information provided.
b) Follow-up questions to the whistleblower may be made for further assessment.
c) Based on this initial examination, the further course of action is determined. Depending on the severity of the accusation, the affected group of individuals, and the legal domain, the report may be forwarded to the responsible entity or group. If there is sufficient suspicion of a crime, there may be an obligation to report. Weingarten GmbH & Co. KG ensures that all reported cases are investigated and adequately documented.
d) Weingarten GmbH & Co. KG will take reports seriously, treat them strictly confidentially, promptly clarify them with the necessary instructions and measures to eliminate the grievance.

6. No Pursuit of a Report
Anonymous reports cannot be pursued further due to the lack of confirmation, feedback, and inquiries for clarification. Substantiated false reports will not be pursued.

7. Reporting
Detailed reporting will be provided by Weingarten GmbH & Co. KG.

8. Protection and Rights of the Whistleblower
a) The identity of all whistleblowers is treated absolutely confidentially. Under no circumstances will Weingarten GmbH & Co. KG disclose voice messages, IP addresses, and/or phone numbers, except in cases outlined in point 8. c).
b) No one making a report will face negative consequences. However, whistleblowers do not enjoy protection for misconduct.
c) Whistleblower protection is not guaranteed in the following cases:
Upon request, e.g. from law enforcement agencies, Weingarten GmbH & Co. KG is obligated to provide voice messages, IP addresses, and/or phone numbers.
Cases where it is determined that reports were intentionally false or made in bad faith ("malicious").
Reports that must be classified as a crime or a violation of the Weingarten Code of Conduct, e.g. defamation or threats.
d) If the whistleblower disagrees with the investigation's outcome, they have the opportunity to express this through the whistleblower system.

9. Protection and Rights of the Accused
Affected parties have the right to complain about investigations against them. To do so, they contact their supervisor, the HR department, or management.

10. Data Protection
Weingarten GmbH & Co. KG will treat all information strictly confidentially. The protection of data for both whistleblowers and affected parties is assured within the legal framework. Information is made accessible on a restricted basis, both in terms of content and the group of individuals concerned. This guideline requires the processing and storage of personal data, which is done exclusively in accordance with data protection regulations.

11. Processing Procedure
Before submitting your report, please read the data protection information on our website By submitting the report, you confirm that you are aware of the data protection information.